Why Join?


Why ISPE? 

Founded in 1974, we are a global organization. We are the oldest 99.9% IQ society in the world. We are proud of that, but what made us grow? What made us unique? Since our first Charter, we have helped each other, helped others outside the Society and done things that are beneficial to Humanity.  Now that we are in the electronic and internet age our ability to engage in real time has been exponentially enhanced. 

Those who join us are in for an exciting time as they accept the immediate benefits and take advantage of the real time participation provided by our unique private social network, activates special interest groups, and member organization software. 

Upon Admission You will Receive or Have Access to the Following:
  • Member Certificate and Card – Each new member receives a personalized membership certificate and membership card listing name, member number and achievement rank within the Thousand. (membership cards and certificates will be shipped in 4-6 weeks)
  • Telicom – Each new member receives a subscription to our unique and acclaimed Journal, Telicom. Published since 1974, it has evolved into a standard 64-page edition published quarterly. Member contributions are always invited. 
  • The Thousander – Each new member receives our monthly newsletter, The Thousander. It supplements Telicom, informs members, and acts as a vehicle for conducting elections and other voting matters.
  • Unique Private Social Network – Each new member has the opportunity to engage real time with fellow members without the burden of email addresses. Here, members may join with others in Groups based on professions, hobbies and interests, or create their own blog or Group. It has its own Forum. Members share information, ideas and help each other in real time. 
  • Unique Private Member Directory – Each new member has immediate access to our auto updating private member Directory. Access is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Members may access information in many ways. Members can use this information to connect with each other based on location,  mutual languages, hobbies, and interests. 
  • Unique Organization Software – Each new member has immediate access to the latest information and participation with fellow members through our unique organization software. Upon entrance to their own member area with a dashboard feel, they can select from options ranging from reading the latest bulletins to participating in a special project.  There is always something to do if you put you put your mind to it. Information and participation are key to us.