Why Join?


Why Join ISPE? 

Founded in 1974, we are a global organization. We are the oldest 99.9th-percentile high-IQ society in the world. We are proud of that; but what made us grow? What made us unique? Since our first Charter, we have focused on helping each other, helping others outside the Society, and seeking to benefit humanity in general. Now that we are in the electronic and internet age, our ability to engage in real time has been exponentially enhanced. 

Those who join us are in for an exciting time, as they accept the immediate benefits of membership and take advantage of the real-time participation provided by our unique private social platforms.

Upon Admission You Will Receive or Have Access to the Following Benefits:
  • ISPE Member Certificate and Card – Physical membership cards are printed and mailed once per year, usually in February.  In addition, each member has digital access to download and print a personalized membership certificate and membership card as often as desired. The certificates are suitable for printing in color on paper you select (parchment is recommended).
  • Telicom, the Official Journal of ISPE – Each member receives a digital subscription to our unique and acclaimed members-only journal, Telicom. Published since 1974 by members and for members, it has evolved into a beautiful, 100-200 page journal published quarterly. Member contributions to Telicom are encouraged and invited. You can learn more about beloved journal here.
  • Regular ISPE Broadcast Email Communications – The ISPE president and various other Thousanders email the membership on a regular basis throughout the year. These emails are intended to supplement our quarterly Telicom by informing members of ongoing society and member news.
  • Unique Private Social Network – Each member has the opportunity to engage, in real-time, with fellow members without the burden of email addresses or public social media memberships. In our private network, members may join with others in Special Interest Groups based on professions, hobbies, and interests; and members are encouraged to create their own new blogs or groups. 
  • Members-Only ISPE Facebook Group – Our ISPE members-only Facebook group allows members to hold discussions in a forum that is limited to verified, current ISPE members only.
  • Monthly Zoom gatherings – Members are invited to participate in international, members-only Zoom gatherings each month, with varying times offered that are convenient for members all around the globe.
  • Private Member Directory – Each member has immediate access to our auto-updating, private, members-only directory. Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each member has a profile that can be updated to include professions, hobbies, interests, degrees, publications, special skills, and any other information a member would like to share. The directory is easily searchable so members can connect with each other based on shared interests, location, mutual languages, hobbies, publications, etc. 
  • Unique Organization Software – Members have immediate access to our unique organization software where they can access the ISPE member directory, read the current Telicom issue, access past archived Telicom issues, and more.