Welcome to the Web home of The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, the high-achievement society.

Please take a few minutes to read through ISPE’s goals. If you agree with our aims and principles, and if you can accept the challenge of a high-achievement society that invites and expects your creative contributions, then you are a candidate we seek.

If you can qualify for entrance, the ISPE may open a whole new world of opportunity for you, broadening your horizons of communication and knowledge and perhaps encouraging you to make original and enduring contributions to humanity.

Selected Members’ Books

LEOPARDS IN THE SKY for the Preconscious Mind, 2013 edition
Dr. Greg A. Grove, Diplomate
Kindle, Amazon.com

Crossing Wall Street: The Road to Independent Financial Security
Robert L. Clark, CPA
St. George Seminary Press

Concepts of Intelligence - revised edition
Thomas J. Hally

Motley Mumbling, Romance Poetry and Prose
Thomas J. Hally

An Incidental Priest
Rutherford Cardinal Johnson
St. George Seminary Press

A Flaw In The Ointment: The Difference Between How Things Are And How They Seem To Be
Michael Perilstein
Eala Dubh Editions, Publisher to the ISPE

Conceptos de Inteligencia
Thomas J. Hally
Eala Dubh Editions, Publisher to the ISPE, Amazon ES, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon UK, Amazon DE