Whiting Memorial Award

The Whiting Memorial Award, which is not necessarily awarded annually, is a philanthropic fund administered by the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry to reward individuals and groups whose accomplishments and goals exemplify the ideals of the ISPE. Criteria for awards are as follows:
  1. A person who typifies the ISPE ideal of having an exceptional intellect and who strives to benefit society through advanced enquiry, original research and/or creative contributions and who has demonstrated significant progress in these endeavors.

  2. An organization that works with, or serves, persons having an exceptional intellect. These include gifted student programs in public and private schools, educational competitions that encourage study and achievement and also not-for-profit organizations that provide placement and counselling programs for the gifted.

Selected Recent Recipients include:

2017 – Professor Aaron D. Gitler, Ph.D., Stanford University School of Medicine

2016 – Dr. Edward Close and Dr. Vernon Neppe

2012 – Rev. Prof. Michael C. Kirwen

2008 – Dr. John J. Barnes

2007 – Stuart Allen

2006 – Dr. Thomas Barnett

2003 – Dr. David Pittman Johnson

2002 – Dee Breger

2001 – Friends of William Stafford

1997 – Alexandra York