The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry was founded as “The Thousand®” by Dr. Christopher Harding of Australia in 1974. It is the oldest 99.9% organization in the world. It is the third oldest IQ organization in the world after Mensa (98%) and Intertel (99%). Since it was formed its membership has expanded to include members around the globe. 

ISPE is a democratic organization. The membership is completely inclusive. It espouses no causes. It is an all-volunteer organization. 

ISPE accepts many standardized tests and scores for admission. ISPE has always used its own psychometrically normalized tests for admission as well. For more information and to join, please see Join.

Those who Join us are in for an exciting time as they accept the immediate benefits and take advantage of the real time participation provided by our unique private social network, activities, special interest groups, and member organization software.  

Members have instant access to our private member Directory, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They are kept informed though our messaging systems, electronic bulletins, and publications. Our unique Journal, Telicom, provides a plethora of reading topics. Member contributions are always invited. Supplemented by our monthly bulletin, The Thousander, information is kept flowing their way. Announcements, surveys, opinion polls, bulletin boards, and other information sources are always flowing.  Communication and participation are key to us. 

Members enjoy fellowship, achieve life goals, help each other, help others and benefit Humanity individually as well as through teams and programs. Members are encouraged along the way through our Incentives and Rewards system. This along with our Goals are part of our Charter. These set us apart from other IQ societies and make us unique. 

Members often find a sense of renewed life and higher purpose beyond social interaction. 

Our current President is Stephen Levin, Esquire of the United States of America.

ISPE is a certified nonprofit organization under U.S. I.R.C. 501(c)(3). Donations made to us are tax deductible under these provisions. Donations from citizens of other countries may be tax deductible as well. Donations in support of our efforts are most appreciated. For more information, please go to Donate.