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Philip Andermann
Anton Anderssen
Andrew Babian
Dr. Julie Baumer
Thomas Baumer
Thomas W. Chittenden
Mike Cooper
Dave Gentile
Kate Jones
Dr. Vernon M. Neppe
Gloria M. Norris
Jakim Pakarinen
Arttu Purmonen
Daniel P. Raymer
Simon Olling Rebsdorf
Gary Sockut
Mark Tabladillo
Joanne Wilshin
David Wolfram
Alexandra Y
Noks Nauta

Selected Members Books

By Stephen Levin
Book Preview


LEOPARDS IN THE SKY for the Preconscious Mind, 2013 edition
Dr. Greg A. Grove, Diplomate

An Incidental Priest
Rutherford Cardinal Johnson
St. George Seminary Press

FROM THE FOUNTAINHEAD TO THE FUTURE and Other Essays on Art and Excellence (2000)
Alexandra York

OVER THE YEARS: Poems, Lyrics, Songs, Prose (2006)
Alexandra York

CROSSPOINTS A Novel of Choice (Kindle and paperback 2014)
Alexandra York

Soul Celebrations and Spiritual Snacks
Alexandra York

Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach
Daniel P. Raymer,More about the book

Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders
Daniel P. Raymer,More about the book

Living in the Future: The Education and Adventures of an Advanced Aircraft Designer
Daniel P. Raymer,More about the book

The Father, the Son, and the Stars: Bengt Str?mgren and the History of Twentieth Century Astronomy in Denmark and in the USA
Simon Olling Rebsdorf,More about the book

TheStory of One Peter Cleague

Robert Hamlyn