Welcome to the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (The Thousand®)


We truly are a global organization, often known by the abbreviation, ISPE. We were incorporated as a non-profit in 1974 as The Thousand. The Thousand is a registered trademark of ISPE. In our extensive reach, we cross national borders and welcome all ideologies, races, religions, and creeds. We come from all walks of life. We embrace freedom of thought,  democracy, and worship tolerance. Our only common denominator is our giftedness. Those who join us often find a renewed life and a new sense of purpose in addition to lasting friendships with others. We try hard to use the gifts we were given to help humankind and to seek self-enlightenment in the process. Perhaps the rotating slideshow just above best describes who we are and who we aspire to be. If we have described you or what you have been looking for, come join us. We welcome you.


ISPE is the oldest 99.9% society in the world. ISPE is the third-oldest high-IQ society in the world after Mensa (98%) and Intertel (99%). The only criterion for admission is a score on any standard psychometric test of intelligence reflecting ability at or above the 99.9th percentile. The results of many Educational Testing Service tests are also accepted by ISPE. See the "Join/Contact" tab for acceptable scores on all of the tests we accept. We also have our own un-timed, take-at-home, self-test that has been created and normed by our psychometrician.

We are a global organization with our members in fellowship, helping one another, helping humankind, climbing the steps of achievement, finding solutions, and putting our creative brain-power to work for humanity in many ways.  Please take this opportunity to get to know us better. You will find that we are unique among other IQ societies in several beneficial ways, which have always been a part of our Charter.

There are immediate benefits to membership as well.  The fellowship and real-time interaction provided by our unique private social network is a highlight. (See the "Join" tab for more information).

We have zero tolerance for ad hominem attacks on any of our social media platforms. You are free to espouse any opinion on any of our social media platforms as long as you are respectful of others that may have opposing points of view. Naturally, we have no tolerance for views that advance or encourage any criminal activity or thought, or any racist, misogynist, xenophobic, or other intolerant behaviors. If you post anything that violates any criminal laws, we will identify you to the proper legal authorities and cooperate fully with their requests to assist them. All of our official social media sites are closed to the public. You can be assured that you are communicating with other ISPE members only.

ISPE membership is completely inclusive. It officially espouses no causes and no political agenda. It is a democratic organization. ISPE welcomes all, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexuality, or gender identity.  It is operated solely by volunteers. Members give their time to support our organization. They give their time to benefit humanity individually and through our special-interest projects and programs. 

We welcome you to this website and we encourage you to either take our properly normed self-test for admission designed by our psychometrician or submit your own score report from any well-recognized, third-party, psychometric test of intelligence. As our Mensa Bulletin advertising campaign suggests, for a limited time, we will accept your evidence of admission to any other well-recognized 99.9% society for immediate consideration by our Director of Admissions. It must be another 99.9% group with rigorous admission criteria and a well-normed test protocol that, at a minimum, has a psychometrician that can consult with the group and can validate the group's testing protocol.

Please see the "About" tab to find more information about our organization.  

ISPE is a nonprofit organization under U.S. I.R.C. 501(c)(3). All images used herein are with permission of the copyright owner, under creative commons license, or in the public domain.    ©  ISPE 2021.  All rights reserved.