Article II of ISPE Charter

Members interact with each other in accordance with our Goals. These were written at a time when the primary means of individual communication were by phone and written correspondence.  The only group communication was through our journal, Telicom.  

Today, in the electronic internet age, our members interact in real time through our website, private social network, other social media, and our organization software. They receive many communications in addition to Telicom. However, the essence of what we do has not changed. We have, therefore, left our Goals in their original form.  Members and potential members who read our Goals will immediately identify how we interact, provide help to each other, and contribute to humanity.

  1. To encourage written communications between members with similar interests and intellectual levels of ability, for the purpose of exchanging thoughts, ideas, and discoveries. To nourish the inherent curiosity of our members by thoughtful enquiry and response, while broadening their horizons of knowledge and wisdom.
  2. To encourage members toward personal accomplishments in the provision of service to the Society and contributions to humanity in general, an incentives and rewards system to this end is hereinafter described. [Refers to Article III in the Charter.]
  3. To provide a channel for individual initiative and to offer members the opportunity to advance in the Society and to become officers and serve in executive or leadership posts in which they can benefit the Society while enriching their own experiences.
  4. To offer members in positions of responsibility outside the Society the opportunity to help other members further their potential.
  5. To continue to expand the membership roll of our Society by encouraging members to seek out and propose qualified individuals for testing of their range of potential abilities for the purpose of joining the Society, thus enlarging its pool of able people and broadening the horizons of all of them.
  6. To accumulate a natural resource of talent and ability, and to help our members achieve the success and recognition they are equipped to earn.
  7. To provide a correspondence-type consulting service for members who may seek it in their education, present vocation, and life’s work. To make available the guidance and advice of more seasoned and experienced members to other members who may benefit from their knowledge.
  8. To link all members together and cement their relationships through the journal, Telicom, which will keep them informed of Society activities and from which they can benefit through sharing experiences with other members. Contributions of material and biographical or autobiographical sketches of members who have earned advancement within the Society, or who have made some outstanding contribution either within or outside the Society, shall be sought and published, for the edification of and stimulation of ideas among other members.
  9. To extend our potentials through health and longevity.