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ISPE Board of Trustees

  • Daniel J. Schultz, Ph.D., Chair of the Trustees, Diplomate  and Philosopher of the Society
  • William L. Hoon, D.M.D. (Pennsylvania), Diplomate
  • Pierre A. Rioux, MD (Minnesota), Diplomate
  • Robert J. Skinner, D.Min., MSOM, CIW, CWP (Tennessee), Diplomate

ISPE Founder (1974)

  • Christopher Harding (Australia), Diplomate and Philosopher of the Society

Elected Officers and Key Appointed Volunteer Officers

Stephen Levin, Esquire (Pennsylvania)

Vice President
Roger Brown (Georgia)

Scott Harrigan (New York)

Mark van Vuuren (South Africa)

Patrick M. O’Shea, D.M.A.
700 Terrace Heights #60
Winona, MN 55987 

Advancement Officer
Dr. Robert Campbell (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Harstenhoekweg 184
2587 RS Den Haag

Director of Admissions
Roger Brown (Georgia)
1020 Rockingham St
Alpharetta GA 30022 

Telicom (the official Journal of ISPE)
Kathy Kendrick (South Dakota), Telicom Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Frank Luger, Telicom Science Editor (Canada)
Frank Dunne, Telicom Poetry and Prose Editor (New Jersey)
Kate Jones, Telicom Senior Proofreader (Maryland)
Harish Vallury, Telicom Proofreader (New York)
Frank Dunne, Telicom Proofreader (New Jersey)

Vernon Neppe, MD, Ph.D, FRSSAf (Washington)

Global Strategic Initiatives and Planning Committee
Roger Brown, Chair (Georgia)
Thomas W. Chittenden (Massachusetts)
Lalaine Durand (California)
Shannon D. Hasenfratz Gardner (Kentucky)
David J. Levin (Pennsylvania)
Goran Pettersson (Sweden)
Erryca Robicheaux (Louisiana)
Joerg Steinhaus (Germany)
Stephen Levin, ex officio (Pennsylvania)

Chief Statistical Sciences Advisor
Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD., DPhil, PStat

Recruiting Officer
Cindy Smith (Georgia)

Database Manager
Patrick O’Shea, D.M.A. (Acting) (Minnesota)

Elections Officer
Vernon Neppe, MD, Ph.D, FRSSAf  (Washington)

Educational Consultant
Dr. Greg A. Grove (Oregon)

Historian/Back Issues of Telicom
Patrick M. O’Shea, D.M.A. (Minnesota)

Special Projects Officer
Darrell L. McLaughlin, PMP (Illinois)

General Counsel
Stephen Levin, Esquire (Pennsylvania)
Bill Smith, Esquire, Deputy General Counsel (South Carolina)

Public Relations and Media Representative
Erryca Robicheaux (Louisiana)

New Member Welcome Program Manager
Dr. Norman Pillsbury (Florida)
736 Westminster Drive
Orange Park, FL 32073

Social Network Administrator
Simon Olling Rebsdorf (Denmark)

IT Team
Brendan Bardy (Michigan)
Michele Lovaas (Michigan)
Julia Vaughn (Michigan)

Stephan Wagner Damianowitsch (Serbia)

Mentors of the Society
Aaron D. Gitler, Ph.D. (California, Stanford University)
Alexandra York (Pennsylvania)