ISPE has used its own normalized test for admission since 1974. These tests have been normalized using techniques established by psychometricians specialized in the field. They are designed to assure you and the Society that you have an IQ of 99.9% or above.  ISPE has its own normalized test for those who do not speak English as their first language. Should you wish to take it, you may do so upon request. These requests are made during the test-taking process. There is no need to make a request in advance. 

Please be aware that ISPE accepts many standardized tests and other tests such as Mensa for admission. These are listed under Tests & Test Scores. You may qualify for membership with one of these tests. You should review this list to see if you qualify using one of these tests. 

Should you desire to take this test for admission, you will be required to fill out the Application form and pay a $15 testing fee. The Director of Admissions will then provide you with the test. Your testing and results can be accomplished timely through the website.  The time it takes depends on how long you take to complete the test and email it to the Director of Admissions. 

If you would like to take the test, just complete the Application Form and pay the testing fee using the information provided on the form. 

If you have additional questions concerning the ISPE Test, please email or write to:

Roger Brown, ISPE Admissions
1020 Rockingham St.
Alpharetta GA 30022