These guidelines have the same intent as those applied to material submitted for publication in Telicom, the journal of the ISPE. They are not meant to be restrictive, rather they should encourage constructive presentation and exchange of ideas. These guidelines may be expanded or modified as needed.
Pages containing the following will not be linked:
  • Attacks on another member’s competence, education, integrity, actions or beliefs
  • Blatant commercialism; that is, when the sales/business content is greater than the informational content
  • Spurious or unwarranted attacks on a person or group of people
  • Obscene or pornographic material
  1.  Author’s name and means of contact must be openly displayed.
  2. Opinions expressed do not imply or claim endorsement or approval by ISPE.
  3. Comments concerning page contents should be directed to the page’s author.
  4. If a linked page is found to violate the above guidelines, please notify the webmaster.