Election Announcements

Please see below or the current issue of  Telicom (Vol XXX, No. 1) for the 2018 election calendar. You can find Telicom under the File Archive section of the Member Only area of the website.
2018 Election Schedule
Dr. Vernon Neppe, DSPE, ISPE Elections Officer
The election cycle is once again upon us this year. Elections will occur for President, Vice President and Treasurer. There is a difference, however, this year: The membership has approved a Charter change allowing for elections to take place electronically. This means that nominations will be submitted and seconded by email to elections@thousanders.com. Please be certain the database has your correct email address. Once voting opens, every member above the Associate level will be sent a vote via email that can only be returned once with your vote.
If you are an Associate and want full voting rights to vote in this election and for all other initiatives requiring a vote, the membership has made it quite easy to advance from Associate to Member, again representing a recent Charter change. One of several ways is to simply write an autobiography suitable for publication in Telicom and communicate with 3 members (email is acceptable). Once you complete these tasks, fill out the advancement application found in the Member area of the website (www.thethousand.com) and submit the application to our Advancement Officer for consideration. Advancement to Member must have occurred prior to the start of the schedule below: namely, prior to the nominations on 16 April 2018. Any voting member should be in good standing and up to date with their dues.
The voting schedule is as follows:
April 16, 2018: Nominations and Seconds due for President, Vice President and Treasurer to be submitted to elections@thousanders.com. Per the ISPE Charter, Article VII 1b, candidates for “President and Vice President shall have attained at least the membership level of Senior Fellow. The Treasurer should be a Senior Fellow except this requirement may be waived for a candidate at Member or Fellow level who has specialized skills necessary for the position.” The Candidate should be in good standing and indicate their ISPE rank.
May 14, 2018: Statements from candidates of up to 500 words must be submitted to elections@thousanders.com. Additionally, each candidate can, at their choice, allow one Voting Member to endorse them (in 300 or fewer words). The Elections Officer may request revisions, and these must be submitted by May 22, 2018.
May 25, 2018 through to June 1, 2018: The candidate statements are initially published on the ISPE website: namely, https://www.thethousand.com in the Members section. They will remain on the website until June 30, 2018. The Elections Officer may modify the statements until May 31, 2018.
June 1, 2018: Voting opens at 12:01 a.m., Pacific Daylight Time.
June 1-30, 2018: Ballots are emailed. Voting is available for the entire month of June 2018. If a voter does not receive an emailed ballot by June 4, 2018, please contact the Elections Officer at elections@thousanders.com. The e-mailed vote is automatically recorded and cannot be changed as soon as the submit button is pressed. Each voter is allowed to vote only once. A voter may vote for a candidate or leave the voting boxes for that office blank (abstain).
June 30, 2018: Voting ends at 11:59 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. July 3, 2018: Results are announced via email.
Any questions regarding the election procedure should be emailed to the Elections Officer at elections@thousanders.com. Thank you.