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Stephen Levin-Candidate for the Office of President
Hello, Thousanders,
It is my honor and privilege to again run for the Presidency of ISPE for one more three-year term. We have accomplished a great deal these past three years, beginning with a new website and a full-time IT provider. The website features areas available to the public, but the real benefit is the area only available to members.
We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the website for members with additional benefits and ease of access. For example, in the next week or two, you will be able to download your own membership certificate and print it on any paper you prefer. We have redesigned the membership certificate and have completely automated it. No longer will you need to wait for delivery by postal surface mail. The same will also be true for certificates indicating advancement in rank. Rob Campbell has selected a new Advancement Certificate that will, with a touch of a few buttons by Rob to populate certain fields, allow you to download it once informed of advancement. My weekly email transmissions to the membership on matters of importance to ISPE would not have been possible without the website communication module. Our Vice President, Roger Brown, has been instrumental in all manner of improvements to allow us to automate our processes once we had a website that allowed for such automation. The invoicing and collection of dues has likewise been aided by the introduction of the website. With a push of a button, renewal invoices are sent, and the database updates automatically to reflect payment.
Speaking of the database, we no longer need to print a yearly Roster that is outdated the moment it is sent to the printer. The Roster is now dynamically maintained as part of the database, and members are free to change their own entry whenever it suits them.  As you know, privacy of the information we collect is of prime importance. We will not sell your database entry information, and we will not let others do so. Only members can access the member database, and we have strict prohibitions on its use for commercial exploitation. Moreover, we have just initiated our GDPR compliance regarding the privacy of the information we collect for our EU members, and we expect to do likewise when the United States enacts similar privacy protection. In the interim, we think our commitment to privacy exceeds what the US will eventually adopt.
Turning from the website to Telicom, we have re-established the quarterly publication of our scholarly journal. In fact, we will launch a fiction issue this year and encourage all members to submit their works of fiction. We hope to select a yearly best fiction piece and award an appropriate prize. Telicom now boasts an issue size that exceeds 100 pages. Because we distribute it electronically, there is no limit on how many pages each issue may have, and it is also in full color. I am pleased to report that Telicom has never been better, thanks to our Editor, Kathy Kendrick. Look for new sections in Telicom that may stoke your desire to submit something for publication.
Thanks to our Social Network Administrator, Roger Plant, our social media presence has improved dramatically. I will not permit the ad hominem attacks that have bedeviled other high-ability societies to infect our Facebook page or our Ning messaging service. Roger has been as zealous as I am in insuring social media sites that contain stimulating intellectual discussion with no personal attacks. A new section has been added to the Ning that centers on discussing articles that appeared in Telicom. It has drawn some favorable response.
The recognition of ISPE is growing. We registered two trademarks that now belong to ISPE. One is a collective membership mark for THE THOUSAND, and we also now have a trademark registration for THOUSANDER. Both of these are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. We also launched a new top-level domain and have made an email address available to every member of ISPE. You only need to request it to have one.
To further improve our recognition, we also launched an advertising campaign in the Mensa Bulletin two years ago. If you belong to American Mensa, you have undoubtedly seen our ads, and many of you have participated in those ads by allowing ISPE to feature your photo. Thank you. We have at least a quarter-page ad near the front of every Mensa Bulletin, and we have a full-page ad on the inside front cover at least twice each year. One is published in connection with the Mensa AG, and the other is published in the fiction issue. We know each of those particular issues is widely read. The ad campaign has been a great success. Many members have expressed to me how much they enjoy the recognition these ads have provided. Our next initiative is to embark on an advertising campaign in Europe and Asia.
Two years ago, we rolled out new full-color membership cards. We continue to improve the look and feel of the card and its delivery. In coming years, we hope to include a photograph on the card. We have the technology to do it; we just need to collect the photographs in the member database to permit easy access to them in the printing process. Stand by for that improvement.
Finally, I can report that we are financially healthy. In fact, an expected budget surplus last year permitted us to lower yearly dues for the first time. We hope to continue our financial good health, allowing us to do bigger and better things and provide more member benefits in the future.
I feel certain I am leaving out some of the accomplishments of the past three years, and I am certainly expecting more to come in the next three. I hope that if you have enjoyed the improvements to ISPE and have taken notice of our upward trajectory, you will allow me to continue that progress for the next three years and vote for me for President.
Thank you,
                        Stephen Levin,
            ISPE President and Diplomate

Roger Brown
Candidate for Vice President
Hi ISPE friends,
I am honored to currently be serving as your Admissions Director and Vice President of ISPE and I would like to continue!
Getting to work alongside my long-time and indefatigable friend Steve Levin in these capacities is a real treat.
As we go forward, Steve and I will be working to enhance the experience for all of our members and associates – particularly focusing on encouraging all members and associates to advance one rank in the next year.
Than you for your support and please reach out to me anytime with questions or ways to improve our Society.
Thank you,

Scott Harrigan
Candidate for Treasurer
Dear Thousanders,
I am honored to have been nominated for Treasurer. I have just finished my time as Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s journal, Telicom, and I am now ready for another challenge.
I have enjoyed working with the other officers in making ISPE the best high IQ society and though my role as Treasurer will be a small one on policy, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the monies of the Society, your funds, are always accounted for. I will take that responsibility seriously.
I hope you will support my candidacy.
Thank you,
Scott E. Harrigan