2007 Stuart Allen

Stuart Allen is an artist who works in a variety of media including photography, sculpture, site-specific installation and kite making. His work is designed to call attention to issues beyond the object itself. An array of suspended sailcloth, for example, that calls attention to existing conditions of light and the passage of time.

Allen's process is experimental and methodical. He tests materials and methods extensively before committing to one approach. CAD drawings are generated, mock-ups fabricated, field tests conducted; test prints are made, adjusted, and re-made. Sometimes the experiment yields nothing of interest; other times surprising and unexpected results arise.

Aesthetically, Allen's work can be described as minimal. However, the artist says he is "not interested in simplicity, but in the complexities that inevitably surface within seemingly simple ideas and forms."

For more information: www.stuartallen.info, www.art-services.info