Telicom Preview
Telicom is ISPE’s world-renowned journal available to ISPE members only and traces its origins all the way back to 1974 when ISPE was originally founded. The journal first began as a simple black-and-white newsletter and has since undergone several updates throughout its history, including changes in size, format, and delivery. For many years, Telicom existed as a black-and-white hard-copy journal that was mailed to each ISPE member. It has now evolved into its current full-color format, averages over 150 pages in length, and is made available to all current ISPE members via an electronic PDF. Members also have the option to purchase a hard copy if they choose to. In addition to the four regular, quarterly issues per year, Telicom also releases a special “Fabulous Fiction” issue in the fall.
The subject matter found within Telicom’s pages is wide-ranging and represents the vast diversity of expertise, talents, and interests of our ISPE membership. Articles may feature topics such as the arts, humanities, spirituality, science, history, philosophy, engineering, technology, mathematics, physics, music, neuropsychology, recipes, personal experiences, humor, or any other theme our members feel inspired to share with their fellow Thousanders. Most Telicom issues feature sections devoted to member-submitted art, poetry and prose, photography, puzzles, and member autobiographies. Each quarter, Telicom poses a Quarterly Question to our membership, and the member responses are shared in the following issue. Telicom also recently debuted its own recurring comic strip, “Telly, the ISPE Turtle.” Interspersed throughout Telicom’s pages are aphorisms meant to encourage, entertain, inform, or provoke deep thought.
The selections that follow comprise just a small preview of what can be found inside ISPE’s journal Telicom, and they represent a mere snapshot of the intriguing, intellectual, and inspiring contributions from our members in 2018.
All ISPE members have access to the Telicom archive and can enjoy the full issues of current and past Telicom journals. If you would like to become a member of ISPE so that you, too, can enjoy all that Telicom has to offer, visit our Join/Contact page for more information.

2018 Telicom Issues2019 Telicom Issues 
Selections from Telicom Vol. 30, No. 1,
First-Quarter Issue, Jan-Mar 2018

(Cover photograph: "Pocket Watch Heirloom" by Michael Kendrick, 2018)
1. ARTICLE: “The Cosmological Constant Problem as Transitioning Multi-Space” by Arthur E. Pletcher
2. ARTICLE “Robots and AI” by Roger Plant
3. POETRY: “Grendel” by Frank Dunne
4. POETRY: “The Golem” by Frank Dunne
5. POETRY: “A Fibonacci String” by Kate Jones
6. POETRY: “Awareness” by James R. Hansen
7. POETRY: “End Times” by Kate Jones
8. POETRY: “Valentine’s Moment” by Richard May
9. POETRY: “Night” By James R. Hansen
10. POETRY: “Intelligent Re-design” by Kate Jones
11. POETRY: “Yearning for Immortality” by Kate Jones
12. POETRY: “Morning” by James R. Hansen
13. PROSE: “Haldimann H9” by Mark van Vuuren
Selections from Telicom Vol. 30, No. 2,
Second-Quarter Issue, Apr-Jun 2018

(Cover photograph: "Zin Valley, Negev" by Stephen Levin, 2012)
1. ARTICLE: “The Power of Stupidity” by Igor Gazdik
2. ARTICLE: “Crime and Punishment” by Robert McKnight
3. ARTICLE: “What’s the Difference?” by Frank Luger
4. ARTICLE: “Fibs of the Electromagnetic Spectrum” by Frank Luger
5. ART: “Angela” by Jerry Zabel
6. ART:  “September Riverscape” by Jerry Zabel
7. ART: “Human Being” by Jerry Zabel
Selections from Telicom Vol. 30, No. 3,
Third-Quarter Issue, Jul-Sep 2018

(Cover photograph: "Thousander Variety" by Michael Kendrick, 2018)
1. ARTICLE: “My Favorite Quote” by Stephen Levin
2. ARTICLE: “Growing Out of the Past as a Seed for the Future” by Simon Olling Rebsdorf
3. ARTICLE: “The Allaire Data: It is Easier to Find Bigfoot than Scientific Objectivity” by John Kosinski
4. PHOTOGRAPHY: “The Randfontein Show 2018, 1” by Mark van Vuuren
5. PHOTOGRAPHY: “The Randfontein Show 2018, 2” by Mark van Vuuren
Selections from Telicom Vol. 30, No. 4,
The Fabulous Fiction Issue, Sep 2018

(Cover artwork: "Annabel" by Nicole Kendrick, 2018)
1. COMIC STRIP: “Telly the ISPE Turtle” by Holly McClanahan
2. FICTION STORY: When Are You?” by Kate Jones
3. FICTION STORY: “Shorty and the Professor” by Robert McKnight
4. FICTION STORY: “Parasites on the Great Spirit” by Frank Dunne
5. PROSE: “Dr. Capgras Before the Mirrors” by Richard May
6. PROSE: “A Belated Discovery” by Richard May
7. PHOTOGRAPHY: “Digital Dock and Sun” by Stephen Levin
8. PHOTOGRAPHY: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Stephen Levin
Selections from Telicom Vol. 30, No. 5,
Fourth-Quarter Issue, Oct-Dec 2018

(Cover artwork: "Cheshire Smilodon" by Holly McClanahan, 2018)
1. ARTICLE: “Escape from Communist Hungary” by Frank Luger
2. ARTICLE: “Using EEG to Predict IQ” by Gwyneth Rolph
3. ARTICLE: “A Sea Story” by Ted Robinson
4. COMIC STRIP: “Telly the ISPE Turtle” by Holly McClanahan
5. ART: “Diane #8” by Jerry Zabel
6. ART: “Landscape #613” by Jerry Zabel
7. ART: “Group 52” by Carol Bernard
8. ART: “Swept Away” by Carol Bernard
Selections from Telicom Vol. 31, No. 1, 
First-Quarter Issue, Jan-Mar 2019

(Cover photograph: "Happy 45th, ISPE" by Rayona Eben, 2018)

1. ARTICLE: "7 Reasons to Love a Pianist" by Greg Grove

2. ARTICLE: "Fundamental Requirements in Building Physical Theories" by Frank Luger

3. ARTICLE: "The Human-Chimpanzee Split" by Frank Dunne

4. ARTICLE: "The Space Conveyor Could Revolutionize Space Travel" by Stanley Korn

5. ART: "ISPE Logo in a 3D World 1" by Arturo Escorza Pedraza

6. ART: "ISPE Logo in a 3D World 2" by Arturo Escorza Pedraza

7. POETRY/PROSE: "The Tale of Sinbad and the Shadow Men" by Gary Tillery

8. PHOTOGRAPHY: "Heading Home" by Heather Cleary

9. PHOTOGRAPHY: "Cambodian Girl" by Robert Campbell

10. PHOTOGRAPHY: "Sydney Opera House and Detail of Ship before Sunset" by Marie Faverio

11. PHOTOGRAPHY: "Contrasts" by Marie Faverio

12. ARTICLE: “Playfulness and Mental Methods for Divisibility by Small Numbers” by John Boyer

Selections from Telicom Vol. 31, No. 2, 
Second-Quarter Issue, Apr-Jun 2019

(Cover artwork: “Telly Celebrates ISPE’s 45th” by Holly McClanahan, 2019)

1. QUARTERLY QUESTION REPLIES: Response with art and poetry by Marie Faverio

2. NEW QUARTERLY QUESTION: A Telicom quarterly feature; artwork by Nicole Kendrick

3. ARTICLE: “Prometheus Bound: Modeling Unselected Population Performance on a Graduate Admissions Test” by John Boyer and Ruslan Kalitvianski

4. ARTICLE: “Non Timeo Mortem—I Do Not Fear Death” by Frank Luger

5. ARTICLE: “Some Consequences of Newton’s Shell Theorems” by Robert McKnight

6. ARTICLE: “How to Observe Paintings like Sherlock Holmes” by Hiroyuki Iwane

7. ART: “Diane #11” by Jerry Zabel

8. ART: “Breakdown” by Carol Bernard Hoffman

9. ART: “Coming Storm” by Carol Bernard Hoffman

10. POETRY/PROSE: “And It Comes Out Here” by Stanley Korn

11. POETRY/PROSE: “Math Limericks” by Kate Jones

12. PHOTOGRAPHY: “Lima Lady” by Robert Campbell

13. PHOTOGRAPHY: “Strasbourg, France” by Stephen Levin

14. PHOTOGRAPHY: “Stortorget, Helsinborg, Sweden” by Stephen Levin